Handleless Kitchen Door in Dakar

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Distance from bottom of door to centre of hole

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The Handleless door in Dakar

The Handleless replacement door in Dakar is a sandy, warm and earthy tone that will give your kitchen a relaxed ambience. This colour works wonderfully with creams and whites to achieve a modern look that also feels relaxed. Dressed up or down, Dakar is perfect for the Handleless replacement kitchen door.

When choosing a streamlined look for your kitchen you really cannot do better than the Handleless replacement kitchen door in Dakar. This door is a simple slab fronted door with a groove to the top that allows you to easily open it. There are no handles to disturb the clean lines, leaving you with a look that feels very contemporary and perfect for modern living. The Handleless replacement kitchen door in Dakar is a great option for your kitchen.

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