IKEA kitchen doors - why replacement is easier than you think

Even the best kitchens can look tired after a while. Doors get scuffed and worn, or go out of style - and IKEA kitchens are no exception.

So maybe it's time for a new look? 

A fresh style? 

One that's more you?

Trouble is, you don't want to spend £10k+ on a full replacement kitchen. And you don't want to spend a whole month choking on dust and living off ready meals!
And why should you, when the shell of your kitchen is probably sound? IKEA kitchen cabinets are sturdy and guaranteed for years, so a full-scale replacement makes no sense at all.

So keep your IKEA kitchen… just replace the doors!

It's easy, no matter when your kitchen was built. Although, you do need to know this:

You might not get the replacement doors you need direct from IKEA.

You see, in 2014 IKEA discontinued its classic FAKTUM range of cabinets and doors - replacing it with the METOD range that's been in place ever since.

IKEA Metod VS IKEA Faktum
Metod VS Faktum

Let's check your range now. Pop into your kitchen and open up a cabinet…

The old-style FAKTUM cabinets have two columns of holes on each sidewall, while the new-style METOD range has four columns.

So – which do you have?

If it’s a METOD kitchen,

IKEA can supply the replacement doors you need.

(As can we - at a VERY affordable cost!)

And if it’s a FAKTUM kitchen…

it depends on when you bought it, and WHY you're replacing the doors:

  • If it was bought before August 2007, it came with a 10-year guarantee. And that’s expired now, so IKEA can't help you - sorry.
  • If it was bought later, you had a 25-year guarantee, which IKEA will still honour - but only for something claimable like a structural defect.
  • Otherwise, it's down to you to source and pay for your new doors.

But don't panic! We'll take all the hassle away…

Save 50% on fully compatible made-to-measure doors for your old IKEA cabinets

You can give your drawers and cupboards a total makeover. And with our entire range on offer at half-price, your all-in cost is a tiny fraction of what you'd pay for a brand new kitchen.

So you get the high-end look your home deserves… and no one will ever know how you got it so cheap!

But this sounds crazy, right? Especially when your doors are made to measure. (How can we even do that?)

Simple - we produce replacement doors all day, every day. The craftsmen in our factory have got this down to a tee, so we can custom-build without costing you the earth.

Pick a style and colour, then just give us a few measurements

We can offer you a wide range of styles, whether you want a simple facelift or a whole new look.

Check out these popular styles

Of course, IKEA own their designs, so we can’t offer an exact match to your FAKTUM or METOD doors. No-one can.

But if you’re replacing the whole kitchen, you will find a look to suit – and if you’re adding one or two doors to an old set, take a look and see for yourself.

You’ll find a very close match.

By the way - - we can replace your kickboards… architraves… cornices… pelmets… too. All custom-made to your size, so the whole kitchen takes on a bright new look.

And relax! You don’t have to be a DIY Master

If you know the right end of a screwdriver, you’ve got this. There’s no fiddling with hinges or risking a slip with a hand drill. It all comes ready to fit - so if you can assemble a flatpack bookcase, this will be a breeze.

Just tighten a couple of screws, and your kitchen is transformed.

You can order up to 3 colour swatches free before you buy.


order a sample door before you buy the full set.

And there it is -

Your old IKEA kitchen lives on, with a fabulous new look!

Check out our replacement doors or call us and we’ll help you decide.

With Kitchen Door Outlet:

  • Everything is made-to-measure
  • Save 50% on every door you replace
  • Wide choice of styles and colours
  • Free colour samples – order up to 4 swatches
  • Affordable sample doors – buy one to try at home
  • Accessories for every range
  • PLUS free shipping on orders over £500

Any questions? Give our helpful team a call on 01825 701125. Or drop us an email: hello@kitchendooroutlet.co.uk.