Okay, so you've got your heart set on a kitchen refresh! Now comes the exiting bit, which colour? Which style? With so many to chose from, it can become a bit... confusing. Particularly with all of the unique terms used to describe the kitchen door finishes you can choose from.

Maybe you've come across these terms in your searches! Ultragloss, high gloss, matt, super matt. What's the difference?

Let's take a look at Matt V Super Matt.

First thing i'd say, both are matt!

Matt kitchen finishes are a tried and true way of making kitchen doors. The range is huge! From woodgrains, greens, blues, greys, to the painted wood effect finishes. There will be something for every taste in the matt finishes. Matt kitchen doors have almost no reflectiveness, and suit a kitchen with good natural light.

Super matt is an evolution on traditional matt finishes. Super matt offers fingerprint resistance, to keep your doors looking perfect with less cleaning. They also offer a high level of scratch resistance, great if you’ve got pets, or your kitchen is your busiest room! Super matt, being new, is also offered in a range of bold statement colours, including graphite and black. Super matt doors are slightly less reflective than matt.

Hopefully that clears things up a little, but if not, why not give us a call on 01825 701125? Alternatively, we're available on email, with helpful advice and tips to make your Kitchen refit easy.
If you want to see a finish for yourself, you can order a free sample swatch, or a sample door, for only £3.99!