Slab Kitchen Door in High Gloss Snow Larch

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The Slab door in High Gloss Snow Larch

When you love the idea of a light and bright kitchen, but you don't want to go with the usual idea of white - what do you do? The Slab replacement kitchen door in High Gloss Snow Larch is a great way to bring in that light, while still using a colour that gives you the contemporary feel you want. If you also want a professional fitted looking kitchen, you will be pleased to know that these doors can also be made-to-measure to achieve the exact look you want.

High Gloss Snow Larch has all the reflective qualities you would expect from a gloss finish, but with a modern colour. The bright off-white shade is light enough to inject light into your kitchen, but cool enough to feel clean and crisp. This effect is highlighted even more by the door which is plain and reflective. The Slab replacement kitchen door may be plain but it has a contemporary feel - especially in a modern, minimalist home.
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