Slab Kitchen Door in Avola Cream

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The Slab door in Avola Cream

The Slab replacement kitchen door in Avola Cream is a plain fronted door that has clean lines and crisp edges. It is beautifully made and will always look fantastic in any kitchen. This simple door forms the perfect backdrop to your choice of colour and in this case, Avola Cream is the ideal choice. Your kitchen will have the perfect combination of modern and classic styles.

Avola Cream is more of a whitewash rather than a bold colour. The wood grain beneath shows through and gives this door a traditional handcrafted appeal. The shade is crisp and clean and will really freshen up your kitchen. With the right handles added, this Avola Cream shade will look even more attractive. The Slab replacement kitchen door in Avola Cream is a great option for your perfect new kitchen look.

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