Reflections Kitchen Door in Ultragloss Noce Marino

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The Reflections door in Ultragloss Noce Marino

When you want a wood effect finish in your kitchen combined with the beauty of a glossy finish you really cannot go wrong with the Reflections replacement kitchen door in Ultragloss Noce Marino. This combination brings these two things together with style and quality. Plus it can be built to your specific measurements with made-to-measure sizes available so that it will always perfectly fit you kitchen, even if you have thin or oddly sized doors. 

The mirrored effect of the Ultragloss Noce Marino is top quality and the beauty of the door is really highlighted. The colour ranges from deep browns through to creamy shades of caramel. You can combine this shade with cream or vanilla walls or try adding black for a little more drama. The Reflections door is the ideal backdrop for the Ultragloss Noce Marino. The smooth surface adds to the reflective sheen of the door, while the clean lines give the room a minimalist feel to allow the beauty of the shade to shine through. 

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