Reflections Kitchen Door in Ultragloss Mussel

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The Reflections door in Ultragloss Mussel

Quality is the word when it comes to the Reflections replacement kitchen door in Ultragloss Mussel. The combination of the Reflections door in Ultragloss Mussel gives you the best quality at the very best prices. The highly mirrored surface of Ultragloss Mussel is what makes it so appealing. The shade is a grey-brown that feels very natural - but will work wonderfully with almost any other colour you have in the room.

The finish is very glossy with a sheen that will reflect the light and help to open up your kitchen. The Ultragloss Mussel look is one that feels luxurious, but also has a simple, refined effect. The Reflections door is the perfect way to show off this beautiful colour. The flat surface is extra reflective and offers a smooth surface so you can see the colour in all its glory. The sharp and crisp lines are also contemporary and will certainly stand the test of time.

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