Reflections Kitchen Door in Ultragloss Anthracite

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The Reflections door in Ultragloss Anthracite

Creating a kitchen that reflects your desire for charm, elegance and value for money can be a tall ask but with the Reflections replacement kitchen door in Ultragloss Anthracite, you are getting everything you need and a lot more besides. This door combination can be cut to the exact size you need to help you create a finished and professionally fitted kitchen. The shade of Ultragloss Anthracite is perfect for today's kitchen looks. The colour is dark grey and will work well with most other colours but especially with bolder shades such as reds and greens.

The Glossy finish is also instrumental in making this colour work as it adds a reflective sheen to this darker shade.This Reflections replacement kitchen door is one of our more popular doors due to its high quality finish and its plain appeal. The door is smooth to show off the gloss finish, while minimalist lines make it easy to add to almost any kitchen in any home. 

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