Handleless Kitchen Door in Cream Ash

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Distance from bottom of door to centre of hole

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The Handleless door in Cream Ash

The Handleless replacement kitchen door in Cream Ash is a great way to get a traditional feel in your kitchen while also creating a modern sleek space to work and create in. Cream Ash is a warm, soft shade that really brings the best to your kitchen. This colour will bring in light, while the woodgrain texture will help give the room warmth and depth.

The Handleless replacement kitchen door is a sleek and minimalist door that feels like it would not look out of place in a sophisticated apartment. However when presented in Cream Ash the result is often more subtle. The door has a simple groove on one side which makes it easy to open, but otherwise, it is left entirely undisturbed. You will love how something so simple can be so beautiful.

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